If you`re ready to book a consultation. Start by choosing the Consultation Package that is right for you.
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Begin your path to a healthier you. Book a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with me for an opportunity to discuss your health challenges and goals, and get answers to any questions you may have.

Jump Start session includes:

Two personalized 45min sessions 3 weeks apart. These sessions will be designed based on your intake forms.


  • Learn some simple tricks and swaps that will help you reach your goals
  • superfoods you should be eating to feel your absolute best
  • Learn what vitamins, minerals, herbs are best suited to your needs
  • Get tons of great holistic lifestyle recommendations
  • 1st session will include a healthy eating plan
  • 1 email a week between sessions


  • Evaluate successes as well as challenges
  • Set new goals and define a strategy that will work for YOUR lifestyle
Follow up Session Packages:

coaching packages will help you stay on track as well as evolve to your best health

In these sessions Emilia will review your food journal, discuss your wellness goals and develop strategies to help you achieve them. We will continue to add superfoods, adjust supplements, work through elimination diets, depending on your personal needs.


Sessions are 30 min in length


Sessions are 30 min in length


Sessions are 30 min in length

*Personalized Meal plans can be purchased with each session or as needed

House Call
If you live in the STL area, you're in luck!

Personal or Family Nutrition Education `In-Home` Kitchen Analysis/Nutrition Education Session:


With this service I come to your home and provide a customized nutrition plan on healthy eating. This nutrition plan is specific to you. In addition, a thorough `hands-on` nutrition evaluation is made of your kitchen and alternative food ideas for healthy snacking and meal preparation are suggested. House calls can be one-on-one consultations with an individual, or may include household family members and friends! This is a 2 hour visit.

Grocery Shopping Tour

2 hour session


Make better food choices, I show you how to read labels, introduce new ingredients, pick out healthy on-the go options, answer your food and nutrition questions, and provide grocery shopping and meal planning tips. Including online options and price comparisons. I teach you tips and tricks to save money.

Bring a friend and they pay $30/hour